Property Buyers

Buy Homes and Real Estate

We work tirelessly for our Buyers to find them the right home to meet their needs and work diligently to help the transaction go smoothly. If you are buying a condo, single family home or townhouse, we can help.

Simple Steps to Buying a Home:

  • Let us know your property needs via phone, contact us or advanced search tab
  • Speak with a lender about pre qualification, contact us for lender recommendations.
  • Come view properties with us until we find right home.
  • We write up an offer for you on a state approved contract.
  • We negotiate the deal for you.
  • We set up inspections during the 10 day inspection period to determine if condition of home is suitable to you.
  • You provide lender with necessary financial information.
  • We set up a surveyor to provide a boundary survey of the property for you.
  • We help you secure insurance on the property.
  • We close the deal with a state approved title company (seller chooses company in Florida).
  • We are with you every step of the way to ensure your purchase goes smoothly.

Simple Steps to Buying a Brand New Home:

  • Let us know your property needs via phone or contact us
  • We can find vacant land and recommend local building contractors for custom homes.
  • We can find inventory homes that are completed, in process or to be built.
  • We can show you model homes and inventory homes from all the builders in the area. This saves you time and makes sure the best ones are not overlooked.
  • We can give you an unbiased opinion of development and area.
  • You need an experienced Realtor representing you on the buying side when dealing with a builder. Builder’s contracts are usually forty plus pages and weighted in the Builder’s favor. We cannot change their contract, but we can help you understand the process and negotiate on your behalf to obtain extra benefits and seller concessions for you.
  • You do not save money going directly to a builder, the builder just makes additional profit if a realtor is not involved. They cannot lower home prices due to appraisal concerns for future sales.

We stay involved in the transaction from start to finish, we do not use unlicensed assistants to facilitate our transactions. Real Estate transactions involve a lot of hard earned money, liability and potential pitfalls and we believe an experienced and licensed Realtor should be involved from start to finish of every transaction.

Property Taxes shown on listing details can be very misleading due to our Homestead program in our state and county. A rough estimate for property taxes would be to simply multiply purchase price by 80% to get a rough assessed value for the property. Take the assessed value and multiply by 2% per year for a rough estimate of property tax liability. If you live in the property more than six months out of the year, then you can claim a Homestead exemption. The Homestead exemption can save you up to $700 per year on your tax bill and also cap increases in assessed value at 3% per year.

Homeowner’s Insurance can differ greatly from one dwelling to the next depending on the insurance companies and the wind mitigation reportsContact Us for a list of insurance brokers.